Dueling Pistols, Terlato’s Most Disruptive + Innovative Wine So Far

Terlato Wines debuted a new brand, Dueling Pistols, launched with a whole new approach to a campaign. Through a tension-filled label, episodic background story and through the wines themselves, The Dueling Pistol’s wine encompasses two blends from the Paso Robles and Dry Creek Valley regions of California, made of two bold, competing varietals in each bottle (thus the duel), a tension underscored by an origination story that will reveal itself over time.

The consumer target is Gen X males uniquely, a segment keen to develop a deep understanding of the products with which they associate and consume in terms of the quality, brand experience and design.

The Paso Robles Blend, 2016, is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Petit Sirah. Both varietals hail from the same vineyard, 700 feet above sea level just north of the Templeton gap, where the dense, clay like soil imbues the grapes with a bold, full bodied acidity. $49.99

The Dry Creek Valley Blend, 2016, is 50% Zinfandel and 50% Syrah. The Zinfandel comes from old vines (50+ years) and mature plantings (12+ years) located in the rocky hillside of Northern Dry Creek valley. The Syrah grapes come from mature plantings (12+ years) in the dense, clay-like soils of Southern Dry Creek Valley. $49.99

Trade Support: Historical Fiction Experience

In new, groundbreaking methods of reaching consumers, the brand will tell an interesting origination story, part historical fiction, part mystery and part time-traveling immersion. It provides further dimension to the underlying tension in each bottle, designed to pull the customer deep into the fabric of the story while enjoying the rich complexity of the wine. Bonfort’s will be following the story on how the brand plans to draw in its consumer target with innovative, immersive ways.

To support the creative execution of the story, Terlato enlisted Round Table Companies (RTC), a creative storytelling group specializing in attention-grabbing, experimental branded content. You’ll be hearing less from Terlato employees, and more from RTC-created characters, storylines, and plot arcs for this historical fiction.



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