BACA Targets New-To-Wine Consumers With Rosè Cans

BACA Wines, a modern California Zinfandel brand spearheaded by Director Jennifer Brown and Winemaker Alison Frichtl Hollister, has announced the launch of the wine portfolio’s newest wine, 2018 BACA Ring Around the Rosé, a Rosé of Zinfandel.

“We believe the bright fruit flavors and crisp acidity make this debut vintage for our Rosé of Zinfandel particularly exciting and fun,” says BACA Director, Jennifer Brown. “Alison and I are excited to introduce something very special that combines freshness and quality in a can – perfect to take to the beach or on a hike.”

The BACA Rosé of Zinfandel offers balanced character and a purity of flavor that celebrates attention to detail. The crisp acidity and bright fruit for the debut vintage delivers a translucent watermelon hue, vibrant flavors of hibiscus, strawberries and kiwi fruit. Fruit for the 2018 BACA Ring Around the Rose is sourced from California and is gently whole-cluster pressed, yielding vibrant pink juice. Small batch fermentations took place in neutral French oak barrels for seven months until dry, resulting in a bright, energized style.

“There’s an emerging niche for well-made, small-batch canned wine,” says BACA Winemaker Alison Frichtl Hollister. “At BACA, we’re taking this contemporary approach with a fresh, dry, playful Rosé – in cans. This is truly new for the industry and we’re excited to be part of it.”

The current BACA wine portfolio includes five 2017 Zinfandel wines including Cat’s Cradle (Rockpile AVA), Tug O’ War (Maffei Vineyard, Russian River Valley AVA), I Spy (Black Sears Vineyard, Howell Mountain AVA), Double Dutch (Dusi Vineyard, Paso Robles AVA) and Marbles (Pocai Vineyard, Calistoga AVA). The 2017 vintage marks year two for the luxury Zinfandel brand to introduce additional Zinfandels and Rosé wines, growing its popularity with a new wine generation.

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