7 Vodkas With Taste Profiles That Help You Sell

Not all vodkas are created equal, but to many consumers, they taste, at the very least, indistinguishably similar. Bonfort’s has put together a list of seven vodkas, each of which wears a distinctive, and identifiable, taste profile.

We also asked each brand for its most notable selling points (story) to help our readers shift it off shelves and into consumer shopping baskets.

Nemiroff Honey Pepper Vodka SRP $17.99

Top Selling Point: This brand is made with honey from hives on the property, sweet clover and a proprietary blend of peppers to create a unique profile. The artisan water used for the vodka is a local source.

Taste Profile: The combination of peppers and honey create a smooth full-bodied finish. This vodka has character so serve it neat or on the rocks.  It works well in more complex cocktails where vodka needs to have some structure.

Distribution Info:

  • Off Premise:  AL, MS, MI, NY, NJ, MD, DC, CT, MA, IL, CA, AZ, NM, WA, MN, MO, WI, TX, LA, FL, GA, KY, SC, NV
  • On-Premise: NY, IL, DC, AL, MS, MI


KEEL Vodka SRP 19.99

Top Selling Points: KEEL truly is one of a kind. With half the calories of traditional vodka, KEEL is a refreshing, premium light spirit with just the right amount of alcohol. At 58 calories, KEEL is crafted for those who embrace an active lifestyle with an active social life. The brand’s tagline, ‘stay balanced,’ lays testament to a responsible, enjoyable and balanced lifestyle. KEEL Vodka is gluten-free, has zero sugar and is low in calories. Managing partner Matt Light protected Quarterback Tom Brady for a decade on the New England Patriots before partnering on the brand upon his retirement in 2013.

Taste Profile: From the beach to the mountains, to the Yoga mat to the business lunch, KEEL provides a balanced alternative in the spirit market. It is designed to fit into today’s modern lifestyle.

Distribution Info: KEEL Vodka is regionally distributed to select restaurants, venues and liquor stores in RI, MA, CT, NY, NJ, FL, GA, IN, CO, TX, including but not limited to marquee venues:  Gillette Stadium, Sports Authority Field at Mile High, E3 Chophouse at Steamboat Springs in Colorado; The Breakers, Trump National Doral Miami, Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club and Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo; Ocean House and Castle Hill Inn in Rhode Island, and; The Capital Grille and Ritz-Carlton in Boston. A full list of locations can be found at https://keelvodka.com/find-keel/.

Prairie Organic Vodka SRP $19.99

Selling Points: Prairie Organic Spirits, the leader in certified organic spirits, has an uncompromising commitment to making top quality organic spirits. This starts with Prairie’s organic farmers who grow organic corn free of harmful chemicals, gluten, and GMOs, and includes a production process through which its organic vodkas and gin are distilled to taste, rather than a prescribed number of times.

Taste Profile: Prairie Organic Spirits has a unique taste that its distillers and farmers have worked hard to differentiate. This is partly due to its corn base, lending a rich, smooth flavor, and partly the work of its master distillers, and an elite group known as the Guardians of the Prairie who taste test each batch of spirits until it is perfect. Every batch of Prairie Organic Spirits is tasted 30+ times by these trained experts to ensure every batch has a consistent taste and aroma.

Distribution Info: Nationally available, on- and off-premise.
Prairie Organic’s vodka and cucumber vodka expressions now feature longer bottlenecks for an easier pour. Prairie Organic gin, one of the fastest-growing national brands in the gin category, also gets its own custom bottle. All three new bottles are available in 50ml, 375ml, 750 ml, 1L and 1.75L formats and will be rolling out at on- and off-premise accounts, and has in-store materials available starting this spring.


American Harvest Organic Vodka SRP $24.99

Selling Points: American Harvest Organic Vodka is a farm-to-table organic vodka and, made in America. Handcrafted in small batches from organic Rocky Mountain wheat.

Taste Profile: Certified organic ingredients and water from deep beneath the Snake River Plain yield a distinctly smooth and silky spirit with a crisp, clean taste.

Distribution Info: Fully distributed, nationally.


Purity Vodka SRP $29.99

Selling Points:   While most vodka brands are only distilled a handful of times, Purity Vodka has a 34 times distillation process and utilization of the finest organic ingredients for an exceptionally smooth, non-burning yet complex tasting vodka. Purity Vodka is also certified organic as well as gluten-free friendly

Profile: Thirty-four distillations is what elevates Purity Vodka resulting in a bouquet for the senses – a rich mélange of lime, nougat and white chocolate, and a fantastically smooth, non-burning finish on the palate.

Distribution Info: Nationally, on and off-premise.


Dash Vodka SRP $24.99

Selling Points: This vodka is made from premium quality organic wheat and sun-roasted Thomson raisins. DASH is distilled seven times through a handmade copper hybrid still. The final product is finished with purified mineral water, filtered through crushed coconut shells, plate filtered and micro-oxygenated. Produced organically and gluten-free.

Profile: Full of flavor – truly a martini-grade vodka, great on the rocks and lemon or lime wedge.

Distribution Info: Phoenix Distributing in California; United Distribution in Texas; and, Specs in Texas.


Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka SRP $11.50

Selling Points: Seagram’s Vodka is a brand that consumers know and trust.  The vodka is versatile and allows for drinking straight up, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail. Seagram’s Vodka is available in eight different flavors.

Taste Profile: Produced with high-quality American grain results in a distinctly clean, extra smooth taste, at a fantastic price point. Definitely over-delivers on price.

Distribution info: Distributed nationally.


Natasha Swords
Natasha Swords

Natasha Swords is an accomplished editor and writer with 20+ years of creative composition, reporting and management. She hails from Dublin Ireland where she held the position of Editor at Jemma Publications. Natasha honed her editorial skills by delivering engaging content on a wide range of topics, before finally focusing on the alcohol beverage and cannabis industries. She is Editor-in-Chief at Bonfort’s Wine and Spirits Journal as well as Drink me Magazine, where she leads all editorial content from story-idea generation to commissioning freelance writers and photographers. She also heads up CannEpoch, a lifestyle publication for the newly cannabis curious. In 2018, Natasha launched Bonfort’s Wine and Spirits Journal from inception, as well as the Bonfort’s Lifetime Achievement Award, a top-tier industry event connecting leading brands with key buyers. Steeped in the alcohol industry media, she was previously editor of Off-License Magazine, California Beverage News and Patterson’s California Beverage Journal (now Tasting Panel Magazine), and ran corporate communications for a number of alcohol supplier companies including TGIC (now Guarachi Wine Partners) and distributor, TITAN Wine and Spirits.

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