5 Cocktail Recipes to Spruce Up Your Bar’s Summer

If there is ever a time to get your patrons to spend a little more on a cocktail, summer is it. The readiness to try new things is never higher, and paired with the heat, your customers will be convinced that a cocktail is the perfect solution. And besides, it wouldn’t hurt to make your bar menu stand out a bit more from the competition. On top of all of that, these 5 recipes are a treat to make.

The Don’t Sleep on Me 2.0, pictured above, really stands out and gets patrons attention immediately due to its tiki mug encasement and peacock feather garnish, but the taste packs a punch as well. Created with a base of Afrohead 7-year Rum, it is then mixed with Giffard Vanilla de Madagascar and Taro Milk Tea. Topped with Bitter Lemon syrup and strained over ice, this cocktail goes down quickly and will surely have your regulars ordering more than one.

For any customer that is looking for a quick pick me up, look no further than the Electric Daisy. Quick and easy to make, this small cocktail is delicious in every sip. Its purple hue is further amplified by the addition of a Szechuan Flower garnish. The Electric Daisy is two parts Patron Silver and equal parts fresh squeezed lime juice and simple syrup. Once mixed, top the drink off with blueberry Red Bull. Electric indeed.

If you want other customers in awe asking, “What is that you are drinking?” then I suggest recommending the Jasmine Margarita to anyone looking for a marg. So simple to make, with only Don Julio Silver Tequila and Pomegranate Puree, poured over ice and topped with fresh pomegranates, the bright red color of the puree pops and will definitely turn some heads. Don’t be surprised to hear, “I’ll have what they’re having!”

Whenever you find yourself stuck outside this summer working the patio bar, it will help to have the recipe for Patio Punch under your belt. Garnished with a lime wheel and served in a mason jar, this recipe has a lot going on, but once combined, the results are dangerous, as these go down almost too easy. Start with Bacardi 4-year Anejo, add Pineapple juice and a splash of Passionfruit. Continue to mix in Orgeat Syrup, Lime juice, Creme de Banana, and finish with 2 dashes of Creole Bitters. It will help to learn this by heart, as you will be making a lot of them, as Patio Punch is sure to become a summer time staple.

Finally, the Pucker Up has to be one of the wildest summer cocktails ever concocted. This cocktail is garnished with a pair of red lips, and one look at those will have your patrons knowing that they are in for something special. Beginning with Titos vodka, you then add Crème de Violette, some Pamplemousse and 2 dashes of Allure Bitters. Finally, Lemon Juice is added with Apple Pucker Reductions and it is all topped off with Prosecco. Ask your customers what they’ll be having with caution and be ready to hear “Pucker Up” all night.


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