10 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts You Already Stock

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 17th) and it’s time to start thinking about how to suggest to your customers that a great bottle of whisky, gin or vodka is, in fact, the gift he really wants. Dads collect whisky, not socks but it’s up to you to put that idea in your customers’ minds, far in advance of.

Here are 10 brands you probably already stock which cover the age and location demographics of most men. Get your signage going to position these brands, or similar ones, where your customers can see them and already know in May, what they’re going to buy in June.

Highland Park Magnus SRP $40 750ml

Highland Park stays true to its founder’s bold and uncompromising approach to whisky making – very little has changed the last 220 years. Magnus celebrates the unbroken traditions with a single malt whisky, matured in sherry seasoned American oak casks, that delivers notes of sweet vanilla, overlaid with distinctive aromatic smokiness.

Profile: Lemon, vanilla sponge cake, caramelized pineapple, aromatic peat smoke and sweet violets.

ABV: 40%

Ketel One Arnold Palmer Collector’s Edition SRP $24.990 750ml / 31.99 1L

Ketel One honors the legacy of Mr. Arnold Palmer with the Arnold Palmer Collector’s Edition bottle. As the story goes, the famed golfer, a.k.a. The King, would cap a round of golf with a Ketel One on the rocks and slice of lemon – otherwise known as the “19th hole”. Rooted in Mr. Palmer’s winning tradition and honoring his unparalleled legacy, the Nolet family created the limited-edition bottle as a “Thank You” to Arnie for the impact he had on the world and the game he loved so much.

This Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17th, raise a glass of the famed Ketel One Family-Made Vodka on the rocks with a twist, from one legend to another.

Profile: Nosing the aroma of Ketel One, you’ll immediately detect freshness with hints of citrus and honey. A long finish with subtle flavors reminds you of its quality.

ABV: 40%

Hendrick’s Gin SRP $29.99 750ml

This gin is made in Scotland in small batches with a fully restored 19th-century Carter-Head Still, which “bathes” the ingredients in vapors instead of boiling, producing a smoother gin.

Hand-crafted by Master Distiller, Ms. Lesley Gracie, Hendrick’s Gin is infused with the curious, yet marvelous, essences of rose and cucumber, delectably supported by no less than 11 botanicals from the four corners of the world. It is based upon a proprietary gin recipe, including classic botanicals – juniper, coriander seeds, orange and lemon peels, angelica and orris roots – to which cubeb berries and caraway seeds are added before a floral ensemble of chamomile, elderflower and yarrow then round out the recipe.

Profile: This whimsical concoction produces a wonderfully refreshing gin with a delightfully floral aroma. A unique blend of botanicals, including Bulgarian Rose petal and cucumber.

ABV: 41.4 – 44%

Highland Park Full Volume SRP $100 750ml

This whisky was created using 100% ex-bourbon casks rather than Highland Park’s traditional sherry-seasoned ones. Distilled in 1999, Full Volume was filtered at just over 4˚C and delivers flavors o f creamy vanilla and sweet citrus fruits from the bourbon casks, balanced by Highland Park’s characteristic aromatic smokiness.

Profile: Vanilla, coconut, mango and pineapple. Note the cedar wood, lemon peel, vanilla pods and light smoke.

ABV: 47.2%

Crystal Head Vodka SRP $49.99 750ml

Distilled in Newfoundland, Canada, Crystal Head Vodka comes in a beautifully crafted bottle, which is an accurate rendering of the human skull. Crystal Head uses the highest quality grain and pristine water from Newfoundland, Canada to craft an additive-free and gluten-free vodka. It’s quadruple distilled and is filtered seven times. The detailed integrity of the skull-shaped bottle was proudly designed with a pure spirit in mind. Together actor and comedian, Dan Aykroyd, and artist, John Alexander, sought to craft a vessel worthy of a multi-award winning, ultra-premium vodka.

Profile: Neutral grain aromas with a delicate touch of citrus. Silky smooth yet creamy texture with a hint of sweetness and vanilla. A sweet, creamy finish.

ABV: 40%

Highland Park 18-Year-Old SRP $140 750ml

The intense balance of flavors going in Highland Park’s 18-Year-Old owes everything to the distillery’s five traditional keystones of production. Slow burning with aromatic peat, this whisky is sherry seasoned in European oak casks, and cool maturation in Orkney’s temperate island climate. Consider the long, unhurried harmonization process.

Profile: Cherries and dark chocolate with toffee, marzipan, heather honey and aromatic peat smoke.

ABV: 43%

Seattle Distilling  SRP $33 750ml

This vodka is made by hand, from scratch in very small batches from Washington-grown wheat. In order to let that Washington wheat shine the company doesn’t filter its vodka to clean it up. It’s clean and smooth already because it’s distilled in small batches in an old fashioned pot-still, combined with two reclamation columns, providing control over the final product.

Profile: The heads and tails are cut in each of three distillations ensuring that the end result is a creamy vodka with nice complex peppery notes from the wheat.

ABV: 40%

Koskenkorva Vodka SRP $19.99 750ml

Koskenkorva Vodka is the only globally-known vodka named after the village in which it’s made. Koskenkorva farmers of Finland have been the backbone of the brand since 1953.  The distillery features its own bioenergy power plant, which has helped reduce the Koskenkorva plant’s carbon dioxide emissions by 50% and increased its self-sufficiency in terms of fuel by over 60%. The vodka is produced with locally sourced barley that comes from within a 120-mile radius from the distillery, pure water and a continuous distillation process, to make it one of the purest vodkas in the world.

Profile: The aroma is clean and neutral. Cracked black pepper on the palate and slight nuttiness. Finishes with cracked black pepper and some minerality.

ABV: 40%

Deep Eddy Vodka SRP $18.99 750ml

Deep Eddy Vodka is Austin’s real craft vodka. It’s handcrafted in small batches with Texas spring water and corn that is column-distilled ten times and charcoal filtered at the 99% waste-free distillery. Each of the expressions, Deep Eddy Original Vodka, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, Deep Eddy Ruby Red, Deep Eddy Cranberry, Deep Eddy Lemon, Deep Eddy Peach and Deep Eddy Orange, is flavored naturally. This is a forward-thinking, open-minded, fun, adventurous, music-loving and eco-conscious brand.

Profiles: Deep Eddy Ruby Red grapefruit is juicy, ever-so- slightly sour and balanced with subtle sweetness. Deep Eddy Lemon and Orange both offer fresh citric acidity, mellowed by real cane sugar. Deep Eddy Sweet Tea, infused with real black Indonesian tea, offers bold herbal notes and rounded out with pure local Texas clover honey. Deep Eddy Peach is tangy and with a soft sweetness. Deep Eddy Cranberry uses cranberry juice from a family run farms in New England and has a slightly tart entry that transitions into to a balanced but bold red berry flavor.

ABV: Deep Eddy Original 40%; Deep Eddy Flavored expressions 35%

Highland Park’s The Dark  SRP $300 750ml

A 17-year-old malt whisky that has been matured exclusively in first fill sherry-seasoned European oak casks. The result is a perfectly balanced whisky packed with flavors of dried fruit and spices overlaid with hints of smoky peat. With a limited release of just 4,500 bottles in the USA, The Dark will be succeeded by The Light in this summer.

Profile: Dried fruits and cinnamon, toasted almonds, cedar wood and fruit cake with light smoke.

ABV: 52.9%


Natasha Swords
Natasha Swords

Natasha Swords is an accomplished editor and writer with 20+ years of creative composition, reporting and management. She hails from Dublin Ireland where she held the position of Editor at Jemma Publications. Natasha honed her editorial skills by delivering engaging content on a wide range of topics, before finally focusing on the alcohol beverage and cannabis industries. She is Editor-in-Chief at Bonfort’s Wine and Spirits Journal as well as Drink me Magazine, where she leads all editorial content from story-idea generation to commissioning freelance writers and photographers. She also heads up CannEpoch, a lifestyle publication for the newly cannabis curious. In 2018, Natasha launched Bonfort’s Wine and Spirits Journal from inception, as well as the Bonfort’s Lifetime Achievement Award, a top-tier industry event connecting leading brands with key buyers. Steeped in the alcohol industry media, she was previously editor of Off-License Magazine, California Beverage News and Patterson’s California Beverage Journal (now Tasting Panel Magazine), and ran corporate communications for a number of alcohol supplier companies including TGIC (now Guarachi Wine Partners) and distributor, TITAN Wine and Spirits.

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