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Tierra De Lobos

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Pelotón Punch

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Pelotón Punch Made with Pelotón de la Muerte
Course Cocktail
Cuisine Mexican
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Smoke & Fire Margarita

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6 Top Mixologists Weigh in on Mezcal

Bonfort’s always likes to go to the streets when it comes to getting a real picture of how a brand, category, or sub-category is performing. We asked six top mixologists to evaluate mezcal’s performance, its uses, its demographic and its future. They name their favorite brands, how they serve them … Read the rest

Mezcal: To Be Noble is to Be Sustainable

Bob Murphy, CFO at Wolfsheim Spirits (importers of Noble Coyote) explains to Bonfort’s why mezcal is the exception to the rule when it comes to the spirits category.

The mezcal category is, afoot. That is, while its growth and potential are currently unmatched, the segment is small and still making … Read the rest

The Mezcal Collaborative National Cocktail Competition

The Mezcal Collaborative and Panorama Mezcal announced The Mezcal Cocktail Mission, a multi-city cocktail competition with Pelotón de la Muerte, aiming to develop an original cocktail that belongs to mezcal using only four ingredients. As the cocktail scene booms, the Mezcal Collaborative, Panorama Mezcal and Pelotón de la Muerte … Read the rest