Bare Bone Vodka, 96 Points

The case is made time and again. A vodka must have something different to justify its space on the already overcrowded shelves at on- and off-premise. Why take down one vodka to make room for another? The answer is always the same: flavor profile. Bare Bone Vodka is proof that if the product in the bottle stands out, then the trade, and ultimately the consumer, will make room for it.

Fragrant, herbaceous notes on the nose. Velvety viscosity on the palate with welcomed roundness. Its creaminess ensures a smooth delivery. A slight kick (perhaps from the corn spice) kept me interested. This vodka achieves serious depth through carefully arranged, slight botanical notes on the back palate. A hint of spice on the end, redolent of what I got from the nose earlier.

— Cornelius Geary, Publisher.

Cornelius Geary

Cornelius is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Firewater Media, a powerful combination of digital publishing, live events, and marketing capabilities, creating a multimedia company for the beer, wine, and spirits industries. Founded in 2008, our network includes B2C and B2B digital publishing, events and social media marketing for beer, wine and spirits brands of all sizes and capabilities. Firewater Media operates some of the industry’s most innovative consumer and trade platforms, including Bonfort’s Wine and Spirits Journal, Bottlebooks USA, Drink Me, Craft Spirits Carnival, San Francisco Vintners Market, Wine 2.0, RadCru, and Wine Blast. Prior to Firewater Media, Cornelius helped successfully launch Bulleit Bourbon and Don Julio Tequila with industry giant Diageo’s Reserve group. Cornelius has been a wine and spirits judge for the American Distilling Institute and WSWA annual wine and spirits competition, and he regularly reviews, beer, wine and spirits products for Drink Me and Bonfort’s Wine and Spirits Journal. He has conducted interviews with industry titans including Peter Mondavi Sr., Jean-Charles Boisset, Tom Bulleit, Tito Beveridge, and Martin Miller. Cornelius has been a guest speaker at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium, the Wine Industry Technology Symposium, and Women for Winesense. Cornelius is interested in angel investments in innovative consumer products in technology, food, non-alcoholic beverages as well as beer, wine and spirits brands and companies.