Half Moon Bay Brewing Company’s Juicy Gossip IPA

Brewery: Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

Beer: Juicy Gossip IPA

Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Denali

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.20% in 16 oz can

Drinking notes: When a brewery names a beer, Juicy Gossip, and if you like gossip as much as I do – I know, not very PC of me – how could you not pick it up?! Nice light hops on the nose, pours hazy yellow-gold IPA, good balanced hops, nice mid-palate fruit, refreshing, easy to drink, ends in nice dryness. A really good beer in one absolutely stunningly gorgeous can! If I could sew, I’d make a dress out of the labels. Drink it and bring on the gossip!

Judi Laing

Judi Laing is founder of CorkageOnline.com, a directory of restaurants' corkage policies for wine, beer and spirits. As proof of her love for beer, she is dedicating herself to promoting beer corkage as a way for beer lovers to enjoy craft beer at restaurants. Wine lovers have done it forever, so why not beer? Judi believes beer as a food pairing beverage is actually superior to wine! While this may illicit a bit of controversy, she'll take responsibility. In the name of research, Judi tries to drink new beers 'a lot' and is a craft beer evangelist talking to everyone about the glory of craft beer especially trying to mystify the assertion that "beer makes me fat". Yes, if you drink a couple of six packs every night while being a couch potato. Judi also writes an intermittent blog "a woman walks into a bar..." about her experiences sitting at a bar, quaffing delicious booze - beer and cocktails mostly - and schmoozing with fellow imbibers. Judi is Canadian if that makes a difference on how you read her reviews. Prosit!