Champagne Harvest Begins!

The Champagne region of France has announced the start dates for the 2019 harvest, with villages commencing harvest gradually beginning this week and into next week. The start dates vary by each village and grape varietal, ensuring that every plot is… Read the rest

Why Sell Organic?

Alcohol is not where you go when trying to sell healthy products. This is true. However, that doesn’t mean we should tar all spirits with the same brush. Without doubt some spirits are murkier, poorly-made, and full of leftover chemicals that lead to… Read the rest

Craft Cocktails from Cultura

The brainchild of celebrated Asheville, North Carolina, chef Jacob Sessoms and Wicked Weed Co-Founder Walt Dickinson, Cultura is a “New Agrarian” restaurant located in the city’s South Slope neighborhood, set alongside Wicked Weed’s Funkatorium. Cult… Read the rest

Lafite Through The Lens of He ChongYue

He ChongYue is one of the most esteemed contemporary artists in the circle of Chinese photographers today. More recently he interpreted the cellars at Lafite in this stunning assembly of insightful imagery. Born in Beijing in 1960, he took up photogr… Read the rest

Gran Passione Returns to Veneto Roots

Gran Passione announced the return to its Veneto roots to focus on north-eastern Italian selections beginning this month. The core wines, all imported by Winesellers, Ltd., Gran Passione Rosso Appassimento Veneto IGT, Gran Passione Bianco Veneto IGT… Read the rest

Woodford Reserve’s $1000 Mint Julep

Woodford Reserve, the Presenting Sponsor of the Kentucky Derby, has revealed its $1,000 Mint Julep Cup available at the Kentucky Derby benefiting the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund. Now in its thirteenth year, the 2018 Cup pays tribute to Kentucky by of… Read the rest

Crystal Head’s Memorial Day Packaging

Show your pride for the U. S. of A this Memorial Day and 4th of July with the new and limited Crystal Head Vodka miniature multi-packs. In beautifully colored glass bottles of red, white, and blue, Crystal Head Vodka delivers the same ultra-premium,… Read the rest

Jura Launches Two More in The Series

Jura Single Malt Whisky is set to launch two new single malt whiskies into the US market, as part of its new range of remarkable whiskies – the Jura Signature Series. Jura 10 which launched exclusively in the US in January 2017 will be joined b… Read the rest

New RTD Cocktails From Half-Seas

Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails has three “true” ready-to-drink canned cocktails to offer. The Bramble, Daiquiri and Paloma are made with real spirits, rather than malt or other fermented alcohols, and a touch of effervescence for craft cocktail qualit… Read the rest

Sulfite Purifier Goes Retail

Inspired by this aunt’s sensitivity wine, 28-year-old (now 31) entrepreneur/scientist James Kornacki created an innovative product that filters out what an estimated three million Americans are sensitive to…sulfites. Üllo is a wine purifier tha… Read the rest

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