Virginia Distilleries Claim September In Shared Consumer Campaign

Governor Ralph Northam has declared September as Virginia Spirits Month, marking the third annual celebration designed to educate consumers and travelers about Virginia distilled spirits.

“Virginia is the birthplace of American spirits, and our 70 licensed distilleries are a part of the fastest growing sector of the beverage business,” said Governor Ralph Northam.  “Distilleries brought more than $163 million into our economy in 2017, and September is the ideal time to celebrate the rich history and important economic impact of this vital industry.”

Virginia Distillers celebrate Virginia Spirits Month

This annual, month-long celebration is a partnership between the Virginia Distillers Association, Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Authority and Virginia Tourism Corporation designed to educate consumers about the wide variety of spirits produced in the commonwealth, while raising awareness of the contributions of the Virginia craft spirits industry to the local economy.

Additional Spirited Facts:

  • Virginia has over 70 licensed distilleries; more than Kentucky or Tennessee.
  • Virginia distilleries produce every category of spirit, from whiskey, gin and brandy, to vodka, absinthe and rum.
  • Virginia’s craft spirits industry employs approximately 1,500 Virginians.
  • More than 70 percent of the grains and fruits used to produce Virginia distilled spirits are grown in Virginia.
Virginia Execs Toast the Start of Virginia Spirits Month

“Virginia ABC’s shelves are full of Virginia-made spirits from distillers who bring a local and, always outstanding, historic flavor to our customers,” said Virginia ABC Chief Executive Officer Travis Hill. “Our distillers are vibrant contributors to the commonwealth’s economy and our partnership with Virginia distillers during the year, and particularly during this September campaign, gives us many opportunities to show what Virginia has to offer.”


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