Spa Girl Cocktails Gets New CEO

Spa Girl Cocktails, a line of low-calorie, high-proof, ready-to-drink ultra-premium vodka martinis has announced the appointment of Alisa Marie Beyer as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Speaking from her sunny office in Palm Springs, the former Miss California finalist and Spa Girl Cocktails Founder Karen Haines remarked, “We are thrilled to welcome Alisa to Spa Girl Cocktails. For my partner and the business head of the brand, I was seeking a female CEO—one who had created and sold her own companies, was very business-minded, experienced in raising capital, and committed to helping me make my vision for the brand a reality.

With Alisa, I found all of this and more. Her proven acumen and success with her own companies, combined with her absolute passion for building brands for women, is the crucial link Spa Girl Cocktails needs to evolve into a world-class premium ready-to-drink (RTD) company, and continue to expand and grow with new, trend-setting offerings. With Alisa’s vision and insights into the consumer products marketplace for women, we believe Spa Girl Cocktails will become the in-class global leader in the RTD category.”

Alisa Marie Beyer is a proven entrepreneur who has successfully grown and sold five companies. A visionary leader with a deep understanding of and experience in creating products specifically targeted to women, the hallmark of Alisa’s success is her passion for clarifying a company’s vision, focusing its strategy, and building healthy, profitable companies. As CEO, she will work with Karen to grow the Spa Girl Cocktails brand offerings globally and lead efforts to secure a Series A round of financing, which is slated to close in August 2019.

In an interview from her office in San Diego, Ms. Beyer shared, “I’m thrilled and humbled to be a part of a team who is shaking up the alcohol industry. With only 48 calories per serving, this award-winning, low-calorie, high-proof, ready-to-drink martini, Spa Girl Cocktails, is poised to become the beverage of choice. As a beauty and beverage executive, I’ve rarely seen such a perfect storm of market size, consumer need and product. The RTD spirit-based cocktail category grew by 40.7% last year and while hitting the market only 24 months ago, Spa Girl Cocktails is moving ahead of our competition with a recent growth rate of +300%.”

Modern cocktail culture is rich and diverse, and the growing and enthusiastic audience for ready-to-drink beverages, which is mostly female, is seeking advances in mixology and offerings that let them host their most beautiful life without the added pressure of worrying about calories or unhealthy ingredients.

“With Alisa’s guidance, we are now expanding rapidly in the US and globally, forging a celebrity cocktail partnership, finalizing our portion-perfect can offerings and working to bring one of the industry’s first CBD oil-infused RTD cocktails to market,” added Ms. Haines.

Spa Girl Cocktails are now sold in over 1,000 locations, including grocery and liquor stores and fine restaurants. For more information, please visit our website,

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