Pura Still Releases 12-Can Variety Pack, 23.5 Oz Cans

The industry’s first zero bubbles spiked water is set to make a splash this season. Pura Still will release new 23.5-ounce single cans and a 12-can variety package now with more Blackberry, Mango and Mandarin Orange flavors. The new packages with more vibrant flavors hit shelves this summer. 

“After launching Pura Still, we immediately received requests for the product in cans. Fans wanted to enjoy Pura Still on beach trips, pool days and concerts. Consumers also wanted us to ramp-up the delicious Blackberry, Mango and Mandarin Orange flavors,” said Jennifer McCauley, brand director. “We were able to quickly respond with both a new Pura Still can variety pack and 23.5-ounce cans with more fruit flavor. We’re really excited to see the consumer response at retail.”

About Pura Still

Forget the bubbles and bloat this season. Enjoy just 95 calories, one gram of cane sugar and zero bubbles in this spiked water. A splash of coconut water, and subtle fruit flavors make Pura Still the ultimate refreshment. Pura Still can now be enjoyed in new 23.5-ounce single cans and in variety packs with four 12-ounce cans of each flavor. Pura Still has received a lot of attention on social media with a combination of organic posts and influencer campaigns. Celebrities such as model Nina Agdal and U.S. soccer star Carli Lloyd have highlighted Pura Still across their social media in partnership with the brand. Within Pura Still’s first month in-market, a consumer’s organic tweet about the beverage went viral garnering over 80,000 likes.

“We’re excited to launch packaging options that give fans a new way to experience spiked water with zero bubbles,” said McCauley.

Pura Still variety packs are available now. For more information and to find Pura Still near you, please visitwww.purastillbeverage.com.


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