Penelope Releases 116.6 Proof Limited Edition

Award-winning straight bourbon whiskey brand Penelope Bourbon announced the launch of its new limited-edition Barrel Strength bourbon. The limited-run release is 116.6-poof and features Penelope’s signature four-grain balanced flavor profile uncut, straight from the barrel and aged two to three years. Penelope’s Barrel Strength is available now at select liquor retailers in New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C. markets.

“The response to Penelope’s launch has been overwhelming – we sold out of our first batch in just a few weeks,” said Mike Paladini, co-founder and CEO of Penelope Bourbon. “The introduction of Barrel Strength is the natural next step for the brand and was released for whiskey enthusiasts looking to enjoy Penelope Bourbon in its purest form.”

Penelope’s Barrel Strength flavor comes from a proprietary blend of corn, wheat, rye and malt barley grains which are aged two to three years, and non-chill filtered. Boasting strong notes of wheat and corn grain sweetness, roasted nuts and sweet cream, Penelope’s Barrel Strength finishes with a slight spice, cream and corn grain blend with a lingering, rich smoke flavor.

In addition to the new Barrel Strength release, Penelope is now shipping the second batch of its namesake Penelope Bourbon, following its initial retail sell-through.


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