New RTD Cocktails From Half-Seas

Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails has three “true” ready-to-drink canned cocktails to offer. The Bramble, Daiquiri and Paloma are made with real spirits, rather than malt or other fermented alcohols, and a touch of effervescence for craft cocktail quality to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

As three commonly recognizable drinks, the newly announced sparkling canned varieties are quality craft cocktails, both elevated and convenient.

The Bramble is a cocktail created in 1980s London and the original brings together dry London gin, berries, and citrus.  The Half-Seas Bramble pays tribute to that original recipe with the added touch of effervescence.

As one of the most popular cocktails in the world, the Daiquiri’s ingredients of rum, water, lime and sugar is replicated in the Half-Seas sparkling variety. Half-Seas elevates this classic, known as the British sailor’s “grog” of the 1700’s, with an added twist of bubbles sure to be a favorite for cocktail connoisseurs and others alike.

The Paloma, the well-known tequila-based drink of Mexico, is even more globally recognized than the margarita. Half-Seas takes this traditional cocktail a step further with Half-Seas own all-natural grapefruit soda for a personalized touch and delicious twist.

At 12% alc/vol in 200ml cans, these cocktails are close in proportion and strength to a cocktail you would receive at a bar.  The suggested retail price is $16-$20 per 4-pack.


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