Main & Vine Targets $26M RTD Category

Main & Vine Wine Spritzers debuted this summer with three flavors that not only taste good, but feature a modest 95 calories per can, are gluten free and have low alcohol of 5.5% in a convenient 250ml can.

The ready-to-drink spritzers are a slightly sweet mixture of wine and natural fruit flavors, including Blood Orange Mango, Pomegranate and Pink Grapefruit.  Sold individually or in convenient four-packs, the Main & Vine Wine Spritzers are versatile not only as a single-serve apéritif, but as a mixer in cocktails, blending well with tequila or vodka.

Each can features a Nutrition Facts information box and both the can and carrier are fully recyclable.  The Main & Vine Wine Spritzers contain less calories and reduced sugar compared to most of the competitive wine spritzers.

Packaging shows artwork of the fruit flavoring in each individual beverage.  Ideal for BBQ and pool parties, the beach, arenas and sporting events or outdoor adventures, the Main & Vine Wine Spritzers are supported in store with a small format display rack, case cards, posters, shelf talkers and wobblers. Extensive tasting opportunities are offered in-store, where legal. The four-pack has a suggested retail price of $8.

Main & Vine Wine Spritzers are expected to appeal to LDA consumers seeking alternative beverage options to fit their lifestyle.  

The canned wine category has grown from $26 million in 2016 to $69 million today, up 60% in the latest 52-week tracking reports.


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