Customized Messaging Is New Trend To Engage Customers

Foam has become a new content feed. The Ripple Maker, a Wi-Fi enabled countertop device prints content on top of a variety of foam-topped drinks. To continue providing companies new ways to engage with customers, today Ripples unveiled a new device, the Ripple Maker PM, with the capability to print personalized content onto foam-topped cocktails in addition to beer in seconds, and an upcoming Ripples ChatBot.

Along with the new Ripple Maker PM, the current Ripple Maker has been rebranded as the Ripple Maker AM and will be used for personalized images and messages on foam-topped coffee and lattes.

“We started Ripples with the idea that a drink could serve as a communication platform,” said Yossi Meshulam, CEO of RipplesTM. “Thousands of customers are enjoying Ripple Maker AM on coffee and the new beer extract announced earlier this year draws tremendous industry attention. Now we are excited to bring to the market a new device designed specifically for printing on cocktails and beer. Whether people need a morning jolt with the Ripple Maker AM or to spice up their evening with the Ripple Maker PM, our customers can serve printed coffees, beers or cocktails with personalized content that inspires, lifts up, and creates unique experiences and emotional connections with their customers.”

From pisco sours and espresso martinis to stouts and cask ales, the Ripple Maker PM jazzes up any nighttime drink. To accomplish this, the new device accommodates the different heights of cocktail and beer glasses, supporting glasses that range from 4.25 to 9 inches tall. It also features a new base design to better stabilize taller glasses and prevent spillage. In addition to changes in its form factor, the Ripple Maker PM software has been optimized for beer and cocktail glasses with a print time of about 10 seconds per drink.

No special training is needed to operate the devices, and the opportunities for creating content are infinite, allowing any bartender, event host or server to add a special touch to any foam-topped beverage. Customers can even send a photo, personal image or message to either Ripple Maker through the Ripples mobile app on iOS or Android. Chatbot Makes Sippable Selfies Simple To make the entire process of engaging with customers through personalized, printed beverages even easier, RipplesTM is also rolling out capabilities for patrons to be able to send a photo or selfie directly to a Ripple Maker in their favorite establishment through Facebook Messenger with the Ripples ChatBot.

The Ripples ChatBot offers a simplified experience, allowing customers to upload an image for printing onto their favorite drink right into Facebook Messenger and is WiFi enabled.

The Ripple Maker PM with cocktail capabilities is available now in the U.S. and Canada for $3,000 with an annual subscription fee of $1,500, which includes all consumables for up to 6,000 prints, customer service support and advice on best content practices.

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