Cazadores Kicks Off The Tortilla Awards

Embrace the authentic flavors of Mexican heritage and cuisine, all from the taste and texture of its unsung hero, the tortilla.

The recipe below brings together all the ingredients that makeup Chef Aarón Sánchez and Tequila Cazadores new tortilla-making competition, the Tortilla Awards.

Coming to Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin this Summer, the Tortilla Awards pit five competitors against each other in each city to ultimately decide who makes the freshest, most delicious tortillas.


(per serving/city):

  1. 1 Event, 1 Chance
  2. 5 Competitive Tortilla-Makers
  3. 10 Mouth-Watering Recipes
  4. 4 High-Credential Judges
  5. 200 Hungry Taco Fans
  6. A Dash of Live Music
  7. And Many Generous Servings of CAZADORES, a 100% Blue Agave Tequila
  1. Tequila Cazadores and Chef Aarón Sánchez will hand-select the top five tortilla-makers in each city to compete in person for the honor and glory of being named the best.
  2. These five tortilla-makers will go head-to-head in a competition, where they’ll each be tasked with serving up two dishes: their authentic tortilla recipe and a taco recipe of their choice.
  3. Four judges, including a local food critic, bartender, Cazadores Global Brand Ambassador Manny Hinojosa and Chef Aarón Sánchez, will put these tortillas and tacos to the test, looking at a number of criteria, including texture, taste, presentation and cocktail pairing.
  4. 200 local taco fans can get in on the action, having the chance to sample and cheer on their favorite competitors.
  5. The winning tortilla-maker will be awarded the Golden Taco trophy, as well as (humble) bragging rights.
  6. The Tortilla Awards will kick off in Los Angeles on June 26th, before heading to Chicago on July 24th and ending in Austin on September 11th.
  7. Contestants and event locations will be unveiled closer to date.

Taco fans can RSVP for Tortilla Awards events here.

Each event is first come, first served.

Be sure to follow along with #TortillaAwards on Instagram

 Best Paired With:

You can’t have tacos and tortillas without a little tequila. The Tortilla Awards will be serving up a variety of signature Tequila Cazadores cocktails, including

The Cazadores Margarita, with Cazadores Blanco and agave nectar; Spicy Margarita, made with fresh jalapeno; Prickly Pear and Agave Mule, with fruit puree and a salted rim; and the Tamarind Chipotle Margarita, for a flavorful twist of spicy and sweet.


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