CAMUS XO Borderies Family Reserve Cognac Released in Time For OND

CIL U.S. Wines & Spirits, the American subsidiary of independent and family-owned CAMUS Wines & Spirits, announced, just in time for OND, the release of CAMUS XO Borderies Family Reserve cognac.

Handcrafted from grape to bottle, XO Borderies Family Reserve is a single-estate cognac produced exclusively from the Camus family’s private vineyard in the Borderies cru.

“Every step that has gone into creating this unique and exceptional Cognac – from cultivation in family-owned vineyards, to the harvesting, to the aging, right through to the bottling and marketing process, has been at the hands of Maison CAMUS,” said Alexandra Albu, Director of Sales and Marketing, CIL US.  “That artisan approach has created an extremely flavorsome cognac that will delight the discerning cognac drinker or anyone who appreciates fine liquor.”

At only five percent of the Cognac appellation, the Borderies cru is the smallest and most exclusive. Home to the CAMUS ancestral estate, Borderies is the historical cru where cognac production started some 500 years ago and is renowned for producing the most aromatic and finest quality cognacs.

XO Borderies Family Reserve is handcrafted using the CAMUS family proprietary distillation methods which allow produce a very aromatic cognac. Unlike most producers, CAMUS uses small pot stills, no larger than 25 hectoliters, throughout the distillation process. All of the estate wines are distilled on the lees in order to extract the maximum flavors.

Even every aspect of the bottle – from the copper label which pays tribute to the copper stills; to the wood in the closure, a nod to the oak casks which mature the prized eaux-de-vie – has been hand-crafted by artisans to reinforce this special cognac as a work of art.

“Earlier this year, the age classification for XO changed from six to ten years,” added Frederic Dezauzier, CAMUS Global Brand Ambassador. “Today, depending on how long bottles sit on shelves, consumers have no idea of the age of their XO cognac. CAMUS XO Borderies Family Reserve and our new packaging are a guarantee to consumers that they are purchasing a cognac that is at least 10 years old.”  

CAMUS XO Borderies Family Reserve (40% ABV) has a suggested retail price of $199. CAMUS will release the VSOP Borderies Family Reserve in the United States during the first quarter of 2019.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich and complex aromas with a perfect balance between the floral and fruity notes mixed with gourmet notes of pastries and vanilla.

Palate: Powerful, rich and creamy with a particularly velvety texture revealing the intense aromas of pastries, subtle spicy notes, cinnamon and dried fruits.

Finish: Floral lasting hints with delicate violet notes.

Serving suggestions:

Best enjoyed in a tulip glass.

Great pairing with chocolate and pastries.

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