Bimber Distillery Strikes Again With Launch of a Craft Rum

There’s growing appreciation for Rum. No longer seen as a cheap and cheerful spirit, it’s now considered a sophisticated option to pricey whisky. Bimber Distillery has found that the typical millennial rum drinker is looking for something premium with unique flavours; but at an affordable ‘house pour’ price tag.

Enter Bimber’s The London Classic Rum. The first accessible UK-distilled single blended rum, which is part of its iconic ‘London Classics’ range, aims to challenge the mainstream global mass production of house pour spirits.

According to Darius; “It’s crystal clear in colour with fresh grassy top notes, and a hint of cracked black pepper. I’ve created a clean and smooth taste with a slight sweetness of dark Muscovado sugar. The finish is delicate and round with a hint of caramel and pinch of dark chocolate. It’s been a true labour of love, I definitely think I’ve created something special, something that embodies the London spirit – this truly is a rum for the people.”

With a strong emphasis on provenance and skilfully selecting ‘best of the best’ ingredients from all over London, it’s fair to say that Bimber’s rumhas a London DNA. It’s also ground breaking in both the Global rum and UK Craft Spirits categories.

Head of Sales, Adam Trethewy, said that “Bimber have set-out to re-invigorate the house-pour ‘White Rum’ category with their Single-Blended London Rum. The category has been neglected by the very brand(s) which created it.  Instead of investing back into this category with a product that is authentic, unique, traditional and high-quality, they instead decide to make moves into growing sub-categories such as aged and dark rums. This represents a significant opportunity for Bimber to meet the demands of consumers in this ever-changing landscape.”

Bimber is distributed nationally in the U.S. for $24.99.

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