Bartender Competition Deadline Closing In

Calling all bartenders! The chance to enter the Mediterranean Inspirations cocktail competition by Gin Mare is just around the corner.

Med Inspirations is reimagining the global cocktail competition by bringing people together over well-crafted cocktails inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Competitors will share an experience with a group of professionals passionate about innovative gastro-mixology via Gin Mare’s unique ability to be paired well with foods due to its unique botanicals of Spanish Arbequina olive, Italian sweet basil, Turkish rosemary, and Greek thyme. The global competition is open to submissions from around the world and is broken into three-themed rounds:

  • Regional: Mare Nostrum Cocktail – The first phase of the competition will have competitors compete with others in their region to make an aperitivo style cocktail using a max of 35 mL (1 ¼ oz) of Gin Mare. The cocktail is meant to embody the Mediterranean palate and lifestyle. In the US, six regional winners will be selected and advance to the national round of the competition. The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2019.
  • National: Mediterranean Gin & Tonic – The six regional US winners will be invited to create a unique approach to the iconic drink at the national competition final in Los Angeles on August 5th. The winner of the national competition will move on to the global competition in Ibiza, Spain, along with the winners from Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Australia.
  • Global: Gastro-bartender Presentation – The global final will take place September 1-5 in Ibiza, Spain where competitors will be challenged to develop a cocktail around a Mediterranean ingredient: Bergamot—a bitter citrus fruit. In addition to competing, participants will be able to experience special workshops and seminars and a trip to the Gin Mare Distillery in Barcelona. The winner will receive a four day Complete and Certified Distilling training via iStill in Amsterdam.


To enter the competition, bartenders need to create their own Mare Nostrum cocktail following the competitions rules and must submit online by Monday, July 1, 2019.


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