503 Distilling Releases Gambler 500 Small Batch American Whiskey

Oregon-based craft distillery 503 Distilling has announced its release of Gambler 500 Whiskey, a small batch American Whiskey made in partnership with the Gambler 500 navigational challenge.

Gambler 500 Whiskey is a small batch American whiskey made from an 80% corn and 20% malted barley mash that’s then aged four years in oak barrels. 503 Distilling blends and ages the whiskey on-site from barrel strength––125 proof––down to a smoother drinking level of 80 proof, using fresh pure water from the Cascades. Only 135 cases were produced, and bottles will retail for $25.95.

A craft distillery that appreciates innovation and creativity, 503 Distilling is a pioneer of the canned craft cocktail revolution. Founded in 2017, the company has since launched three full-strength canned craft cocktails: The Wicked Mule, The Blood Orange Greyhound, and La Vida Mocha. All three products are available in 12-ounce cans at Oregon liquor stores across the state, at a number of Portland Metropolitan area farmer’s markets, and in select locations in Southwest Washington.

503 Distilling also produces a full lineup of handcrafted traditional distilled spirits, including whiskey, rum, vodka, and gin. All of its products are available to taste and purchase by the bottle or can at its cocktail lounge in Oregon City. For more information, visit www.503distilling.com and engage on social media at @503Distilling.

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