Smoother, Purer Spirits in 20 Minutes

“Good enough” is rarely good enough anymore. The distilled spirits market is changing, driven by consumers with increasingly sophisticated tastes. Any product that doesn’t measure up, gathers dust on the shelf.

With demand for smoother, richer products rising, Persedo, a new Houston-based spirits technology company, today unveiled an intriguing answer: a proprietary polishing technology that removes harsh impurities and unwanted congeners from any class of spirit in minutes, for between 40 to 80 cents per liter of finished product. The process, developed by a team of chemists led by a three-time NASA Inventor of the Year award winner, has already been adopted by leading producers—and is now available for broad commercial use.

“Persedo Polishing Technology is not a rapid aging technique,” notes Ricky Ford, president of Persedo. “This process is completely different. Producers can administer it prior to barreling, or before bottling as a finishing step. We call it ‘polishing’ because it reduces the impurities that contribute to the harshness and burn found in all spirits. It also converts offensive fatty acids to their corresponding esters, which are more pleasant to the palate.”

Persedo Polishing Technology is an energy- and labor-efficient process that removes the harsh edge from distilled spirits without changing their essential flavor notes. It enables producers of aged spirits to realize more volume compared to extended aging, without alcohol loss, and results in up to 20% higher yields when producing a super-premium vodka or gin. The technology can be applied incrementally as desired and, best of all, has a high ROI; the low cost results in a premium product capable of supporting a significantly higher price.

“Most consumers agree that the taste is equal to that of a ‘special reserve’ or ‘super premium’ spirit priced much higher,” stated Ford. “Moreover, by polishing a distilled product with our process, we can improve young, middle-aged, or fully-aged products without any loss in alcohol. Depending on the volume, the reduction in evaporative loss by bringing product to market sooner can save larger producers millions of dollars. The savings are also significant for the smaller craft distiller.”

Persedo Polishing Technology is available under license only. The company’s equipment, which occupies 25-by-25 feet of production space, can be installed in a distillery; alternately, the company will transport a distiller’s product to the nearest Persedo processing facility for polishing. Fees are based on volume only, making the process affordable for both craft distillers and major producers.

“Persedo Polishing Technology is a new and transformative tool for distillers,” said Ford. “Whether the producer wishes to refine an existing product or create something entirely new, the Persedo process helps them stay current with changing tastes and appeal to a much broader audience.”

Persedo invites distillers to visit its production facility and tasting room in Alvin, Texas, where the company will process a sample of the distiller’s product for comparison tasting. Samples can also be shipped for processing at no charge. To learn more, visit


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