Portugeuse Imports On The Rise

When it comes to Portugeuse wines, growth in value has grown consistently and internationally over the past couple of years; with the United States leading as major player in value exportations, as reported by ViniPortugal.

In 2018, the total global exportations from Portugal grew by 3% in value, surpassing the previous €800 million barrier, achieving a sum of €803.335 million. The United States placed 2nd in value exportations with a growth in 3% volume and 2.4% in value, at 207.594 hectolitres and €80.876 million respectively.

The United States is the first destination country in value leading in this sub-category (DOP+IGP+Wine), growing both in volume by 4.6% to 170.480 hectolitres, and increasing in value by 5% to €46.248 million.

The driving force of growth exportations to the United States can be attributed to the increased interest in IGP wines, which grew 16.7% in volume and 19.2% in value from 2017. Globally, DOP, IGP and Wine Portugal exportations remain stable in volume at 2.269251 hectolitres and a +1%, while growing in value 6% to €460.041 million due to of the average price per litre increase of 5.9%.


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