Charleston Charges Forward

As Bloody Mary mix grocery sales increased in the past year, Charleston Mix has experienced significant sales growth according to the latest report from Nielsen. More than $17 billion in sales have shifted from established brands to smaller companies like craft producer Charleston Mix since 2013. Charleston Mix is the nation’s top selling craft bloody mary mix.

“We are pleased to experience continued growth and demand for Charleston Mix across the Southeast and Midwest, and remain committed to further expanding distribution,” said Jeff Crowley, CEO of Charleston Beverage Company. “Charleston Mix boasts bold flavor and high-quality natural ingredients that you simply cannot get elsewhere.”

Fast Facts:

  • Charleston Mix has risen to number five in the nation for Bloody Mary mix sales, up from tenth place in 2017.
  • Charleston Mix achieved 40 percent plus dollar and unit growth for the third straight year.
  • It is the only craft brand in the top 10 brands that has seen growth in share of market.
  • It is the only top 10 brand that has seen double digit growth in both dollar and unit sales.

The company’s two signature flavors, Bold & Spicy and Fresh & Veggie, are crafted with a collection of premium, all-natural ingredients that have been native to the Lowcountry pantry for centuries. Boldy & Spicy, the flagship mix, features a unique mix of habanero mash, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and spices for complex flavor and heat, while Fresh & Veggie features a distinctive carrot juice blend that offers a clean, refreshing take on a bloody mary.


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