Olympic Standard Bar Menu Can Upsell Customers

The distinctly Japanese beverage program at the newly opened concept Inn Ann at Japan House Los Angeles, California is under the guidance of Executive Chef Mori Onodera. Inn Ann’s beverage program is a microcosm of Japanese cocktail and drinking culture, with a focus on Japanese riffs on classic cocktails and an extensive collection of sake and shochu.

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics around the corner, attention is going to turn to all things Japan.Sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Inn Ann is the restaurant component of Japan House Los Angeles, and has a mission to foster appreciation and awareness of Japanese culture around the globe, through food and beverage.

We took a closer look at the beverage program with the notion that bars, Japanese or not, can upsell customers with Olympic thematic menus. Here’s some ideas to get you starterd.

Miyazaki Martini – think “ginger lemon drop” with Aka Kirishima shochu (a seasonal sweet potato shochu), fresh ground ginger, fresh squeezed Meyer lemon juice, and simple syrup crafted with Japanese light brown sugar

Shiso Mojito – light rum, shiso leaf, house simple syrup, soda

Hibiscus Mule – TY KU shochu base, crushed Japanese mint, local ginger beer, fresh lime, splash of hibiscus juice; garnished with a flower and a lime

Inn Ann Old Fashioned – Smooth Ambler Contradiction bourbon (West Virginia) or Toki blended whiskey (from Suntori line, Osaka), yuzu peel, Luxardo cherry, house simple, bitters, splash of soda

Yuzu Margarita – Fashioned with an LA local favorite tequila, the Olmeca Altos plata, Yuzuri (a yuzu liquor), yuzu and other citrus juices, house simple syrup; garnished with a green tea sea salt rim and a lime


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