Brady’s Wine Warehouse Partners With Drizly in Louisiana

Drizly, one of the nation’s largest alcohol e-commerce marketplace, announced that it is available to New Orleans residents in the Orleans parish starting today, following the states approval of a bill legalizing online alcohol sales and delivery in Louisiana. A pioneer and established leader in the rapidly growing alcohol e-commerce industry, Drizly, is working expeditiously with local retailers to serve Louisiana residents of legal drinking age through its e-commerce platform for beer, wine and spirits. Brady’s Wine Warehouse is the first premier area retailer to relaunch on Drizly’s platform, where it will showcase its extensive inventory within downtown New Orleans.

“We’re so excited to renew this partnership with Drizly to once again bring eager New Orleans residents the convenience of alcohol delivery in under 60 minutes,” said Patrick Brady, owner of Brady’s Wine Warehouse. “At Brady’s, we’re committed to offering the best selection of products and the best prices for newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Through our partnership with Drizly, we look forward to now providing that experience to our customers – both new and existing – from the comfort of their own homes.”

Through Drizly, consumers of legal drinking age can connect directly to their local retailers, amongst a network of more than 1,400 stores in over 100 markets across North America. The addition of Brady’s Wine Warehouse brings the platform and access to the largest selection of beer, wine and spirits in North America back to Louisiana. Other local retailers can partner with Drizly to increase sales, offer convenient delivery options to their customers, and leverage Drizly’s inventory management and data insights tools to better inform their online and in-store business. To learn more, retailers can visit

“We’ve got an incredibly strong partner in Brady’s Wine Warehouse and knew from the start that they were the right partner to bring New Orleans back online,” said Bryan Goodwin, SVP, Commercial Sales and Operations. “We look forward to connecting them to new customers in the Orleans parish–and to continue bringing the convenience of online alcohol delivery to even more consumers across the state. Stay tuned for more options and availability in Louisiana in the coming months.”

Local consumers of legal drinking age can visit or download the Drizly app (App Store and Google Play), to get beer, wine and spirits delivered in under 60 minutes.


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