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Papa’s Pilar, A Father’s Day No Brainer

Papa’s Pilar is a premium rum brand based out of Key West that is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s legacy and adventures between Florida and Cuba on his boat, the Pilar. The brand was actually created in collaboration with Papa Hemingway’s estate (the family remains involved and donates a majority of their proceeds to charities that embody Hemingway’s legacy each year). Papa’s Pilar would probably make the perfect gift for a dad who loves literature and Hemingway, and who lives an active and adventurous lifestyle much like Papa himself…

Customized Messaging Is New Trend To Engage Customers

Foam has become a new content feed. The Ripple Maker, a Wi-Fi enabled countertop device prints content on top of a variety of foam-topped drinks. To continue providing companies new ways to engage with customers, today Ripples unveiled a new device, the Ripple Maker PM, with the capability to print personalized content onto foam-topped cocktails in addition to beer in seconds, and an upcoming Ripples ChatBot.

Sulfite Purifier Goes Retail

Inspired by this aunt’s sensitivity wine, 28-year-old (now 31) entrepreneur/scientist James Kornacki created an innovative product that filters out what an estimated three million Americans are sensitive to…sulfites. Üllo is a wine purifier that filters sulfites with Selective Sulfite Capture technology to restore wine to its natural taste, as though you you opened the bottle right at the vineyard.