Sazerac Launches Great Agave Website

The Sazerac Company just launched an educational website about all things agave. This new website, includes information about the history of agave spirits, the plant itself, where it’s grown and the many unique processes and people that have made spirits like tequila and mezcal the fastest growing categories in the industry. Rich in story and tradition, the agave plant has been used to create some of the oldest distilled spirits in the….

Liquor Lab’s New Experience For Cocktail Curious Consumers

Consumers In New York, Manhattan’s first hands-on, interactive craft beer, wine, spirits and cocktail event space — where attendees learn how to mix, shake and stir beverages — opened to the public recently in the SoHo area. Liquor Lab is the brainchild of president Owen Meyer, who ran a successful one-year pilot, under the same name in Chicago and founded New York’s Wine & Whiskey club (that sells annual memberships to private bar events).