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With OZV, Can You Teach Consumers The ABCs of Lodi Zin?

It’s never a waste of time to educate consumers on what they’re drinking. Zinfandel is as misunderstood sometimes as the Lodi Region of California. If OZV is the ABC of Lodi Zinfandel, then these three letters which represent Old Zinfandel Vine, are pretty much the starting and ending point, for all things Zin produced in the Lodi region. The pioneering brand comes from a fifth-generation family grape-growers under the Oak Ridge umbrella.

Cocktail Solutions For Post Paddy’s Day Hangovers

St. Paddy’s Day is a big seller for the alcohol industry at both the on- and off-premise level. But what of Monday, March 18th? Well, that’s national hangover day, representing an opportunity to take care of your well-spent customers. How about a Recovery Cocktail Menu to reel in some business, and upsell the usual hair-of-the-dog solutions. Here are three recipes to offer hungover regulars: one with alcohol, and two without.

Olympic Standard Bar Menu Can Upsell Customers

The distinctly Japanese beverage program at the newly opened concept Inn Ann at Japan House Los Angeles, California is under the guidance of Executive Chef Mori Onodera. Inn Ann’s beverage program is a microcosm of Japanese cocktail and drinking culture, with a focus on Japanese riffs on classic cocktails and an extensive collection of sake and shochu.

Brock Schulte’s 5 Holiday Menu Cocktails

Brock Schulte is the Bar Director of The Monarch in Kansas City. Brock is well-known in the business for creating inventive cocktails that are fun to make and even more fun to drink. Who better to ask for tips on how to upsell customers with holiday recipes than one of the country’s wisest creators of cocktails?

“I think guests, towards the holidays, start to get excited about warm cocktails and seasonal spices, things that remind them of their favorite desserts at family get-togethers like pumpkin pie, cherry pie, creme brulee and the like. Things that are great around the fire, chestnut, almond, praline, fig, and date.

6 Frozen Cocktails That Won’t Embarrass Your Bar

The frozen cocktail is becoming a thing of the past, and there are a few reasons why. Smoky brown spirits are hugely popular, with mezcal replacing tequila in many Palomas and whiskey forming the basis of what were once traditional gin cocktails, like the Negroni. Egg-white whipped cocktails in coupe glasses are making an appearance on most cocktail menus alongside several mule variations. The frozen cocktail simply isn’t cool anymore.

10 Wine Labels That Crush Custom Branding

The letter mark symbol of 7 and a line create a Z for Zinfandel, embossed with a crimson red in gradient and seductive lines. On top sits a modest, shiny halo. This angel and devil play is nicely embedded in the wine label typography as well. Stephanie Sharlow looks at ten wine labels that knock it out of the park.

Bonfort’s Gin Category Report, And Leaders of the Splinter Segments

The gin category is exploding, but is there enough room for every brand out there? Well, that depends on how you slice it, and what you consider to be “gin”. Natasha Swords examines the market, exemplifying some truly diverse leading their corners of the market as viable and growing segments. The U.S. beverage market is a $354.2 billion industry with alcoholic beverages making up 60% of the revenues, with $211.6bn in sales.

6 Bars That Know How To Kill It During Negroni Week

In Portland, Oregon Caffè Umbria is a full-bar coffee roaster with two locations on Madison Street and NW 12th Avenue. Retail District Manager, Danica Copus says with Negroni week just around the corner, they have prepped their cocktail menu for their carefully curated Negroni Elixir, which sells for $12. Made with Grappa Nardini, Calisaya, Caffè Coretto Coffee Liqueur, and lemon zest garnish, this one is a good one for any bar’s menu.

10 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts You Already Stock

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 17th) and it’s time to start thinking about how to suggest to your customers that a great bottle of whisky, gin or vodka is, in fact, the gift he really wants. Here are 10 brands you probably already stock which cover the age and location demographics of most men. Get your signage going to position these brands, or similar ones, where your customers can see them.

8 Mom’s Day Masterpieces Made with Stirrings

Mother’s Day is close. Very close. If you haven’t devised a cocktail program yet, then look no further. Stirring’s and Bonfort’s have you covered. Together, we’ve sourced recipes from leading Mixologists around the country, created specifically for May 13th. And for our off-premise readers we’ve created these cocktails in printable form, so you can print them out and stick them onto your Stirring’s displays.

7 Vodkas With Taste Profiles That Help You Sell

Not all vodkas are created equal, but to many consumers, they taste, at the very least, indistinguishably similar. Bonfort’s has put together a list of seven vodkas, each of which wears a distinctive, and identifiable, taste profile. We also asked each brand for its most notable selling points (story) to help our readers shift it off shelves and into consumer shopping baskets. Nemiroff Honey Pepper Vodka SRP $17.99

Mastering The Cocktail Salt Rim This Cinco De Mayo

That moment when ten customers ask for salt and rocks margaritas at the same time #seriously? Pat Trevino of Twang, the leading beverage salt manufacturer in the country, says get ready and know which salts you plan to use, way ahead of time! Not all salts, as it turns out, are created equally. Naturally flavored blends of wildly delicious ingredients. Twang-A-Rita is a line of premium cocktail rimmer blends for cocktail…