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13 Spirited Cocktails That Justify Top Price Points This Halloween

This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday, “witch” gives your customers an excuse party on a weeknight. The second most important thing behind costumes on Halloween is, of course, cocktails. From bewitching cocktails to devilish sangrias, zero-calorie Sparkling Ice is a key tool to have in your bar, and it’s in some of the cocktails listed here. Be as creative as possible visually. Most customers are influenced by what they see, so go all-in for the fake blood and creepy eyes, again featured in some of the recipes below. But the main thing is to be prepared in whatever…

Coffee Martini – Koskenorva Vodka

No-Frills Sustainability: Koskennorva

The award-winning Koskenorva Vodka embodies the true spirit of the village in which it’s made in Koskenkorva, Finland.
Exceptional Spring water, local barley, and the dedication of farmers is what makes Koskenkorva simple, pure, no frills, and straight to the point. They just want to make good vodka. It’s a sustainable spirit with its own bio-energy power plant that has helped reduce the plant’s carbon dioxide emission by 56% and uses the barley grain in full.

Apple Lemon Drop – Seagram’s Apple Vodka

Simply Americana: Seagram’s Vodka

Distillers of quality and tradition since 1857, Seagram’s Vodka is five-times distilled and produced with high-quality American grain vodka to ensure a clean, extra smooth taste and no after-burn allowing Seagram’s to be served straight up or on the rocks. Seagram’s Vodka has been awarded countless accolades including, most recently Impact Blue Chip Brand, L.A. International Wine & Spirits Awards Gold Winner – Spirits Category / Best of Category Winner, and Double Gold at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Bittersweet Endings – Crystal Head Vodka

Art And Inspiration: Crystal Head Vodka

Produced in Newfoundland, Canada, Crystal Head launched in the U.S. in 2008 and is now sold in over 70 countries around the world. The multi-award winning, ultra-premium vodka was created by Dan Aykroyd and renowned artist John Alexander.

Crystal Head Vodka produces two expressions of vodka: the original, produced from ‘peaches and cream’ corn; and, AURORA, which is wheat-based. Crystal Head vodkas contain no additives. Nothing is added to enhance or mask the taste.