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Dave Phinney on Why Now?

Napa Valley Winemaker, Dave Phinney, has always had a constant in his life: Agriculture. So when he opened The Savage & Cooke Distillery on historic Mare Island off the coast of San Francisco, and proximate to Napa Valley, it exemplified the natural evolution of the creative mind. In a recent interview, Dave told Bonfort’s that his move into spirits was a logical progression, “We were already in the alcohol space…

Sustainability Is Key For Newer Mezcals

As Bonfort’s reports on the continuing Mezcal craze heating up across the country, we discover Puente Internacional’s La Luna Mezcal. Hailing from Etucuaro, Michoacan in Mexico, La Luna is one of the few mezcals that is grown and harvested completely sustainable and biodynamic. Grown by the Perez Escot Family, who have been crafting Mezcal since 1910, La Luna prides itself on supporting surrounding communities while honoring traditional methods.