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Steven Grasse Is At It Again

Spirits maverick Steven Grasse (creator of the Hendrick’s Gin brand), and his Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile team are on a mission to make the newly launched Old Hampshire Applejack Whiskey the official state spirit of New Hampshire. With a TV campaign across television, radio, print and digital media proposing Old Hampshire Applejack as the official New Hampshire state spirit…

Durham Distillery Enters RTD Market

Durham Distillery of North Carolina, which makes gin, liqueur, and vodka has entered the ready-to-drink category. A signature gin and tonic and a vodka and soda are the first products in a line of canned cocktails made right with the distillery’s award-winning spirits. It’s the first distillery to-market canned cocktails in North Carolina and two of only a handful offered across the U.S.